Industrious Creativity™ : The New Normal

Extended Reality (XR) is a new chapter in interacting with the world around us: spatial, hands-free, human-centered. In the short term, it brings significant improvements in productivity, and in the long term, it brings agility, flexibility, resilience, and user-led innovation. This is made possible not just by the technology but also by considering the individual, the team, and the organization as one interconnected system. The resulting state, when frontline workers help lead the digital transformation, is what we call “Industrious Creativity™”.

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What We Believe

Digital transformation is the shared responsibility of Management and Frontline workers. Industrial innovation and creative solutions come from the collective wisdom and from those who are most engaged with the actual processes. With that, we firmly believe:

  • There is an emerging, new Division of Labor between the Human and Artificial workforce and XR facilitates their collaboration to the benefit of both.
  • That people and the organization are more valuable for the long term success of the organization than the technology.
  • That the future of work and creating value in the “post-digital organization” is about unleashing the “worker-as-creative”.
  • That untapped/unimagined business opportunities can come from the front line of work, by combining powerful XR technology with Organizational Change Management, and ThroughoutDesign Thinking among other cutting edge improvement methods.

If you believe that your front line workers are an untapped source of creative solutions and your business has unexplored potential, then we want to work with you.

What We Do

What we do

XR Solutions helps organizations to improve efficiency, productivity, safety, and agility, by tapping into the tribal knowledge and creativity of frontline workers.

Leading with Augmented & Virtual Reality (jointly referred to as Extended Reality or XR), XR Solutions blends technology, Organizational Change Management, Design Thinking, and other cutting edge methodologies to facilitate smart, bottom-up innovation, but in an orderly manner. *

Our process is data-driven, modular, and delivers measurable ROI at every stage. The result is a more productive & profitable business and a more resilient & more adaptable organization.

Adopting XR is a journey, and we help at every step of the way. Starting with use case prioritization, technology selection, and piloting we then help with training, integration, change management, and ROI calculation. This leads to creating a controlled and data-driven feedback loop for scaling and internalizing XR. We do this in a customer-focused manner: agnostic of devices, applications, or platforms, and have proudly partnered with leading OEMs, Independent Software Vendors, System Integrators, and other Subject Matter Experts.

* Curtis Carlson, the renowned technology pioneer and President/CEO of SRI International famously said: "... innovation that happens from the bottom up tends to be chaotic but smart. Innovation that happens from the top down tends to be orderly but dumb." 🗗

Typical XR use cases

Virtually every frontline worker and organization can benefit from one or more of the general use cases:

Our Approach

XR Solutions created a multi-disciplinary and data-driven approach combining XR technology, Organizational Change Management, and Design Thinking. The resulting 3-stage method moves the focus from improving an individual process in a single unit to scaling it up across the enterprise to enabling the organization to become self-guided.

Our approach to identifying and delivering untapped opportunities is built around three stages :


Improving efficiency

"Doing things better."

Apply XR technology to a specific use case, or cases, to improve the efficiency of existing processes.


Improving efficacy.

"Doing better things."

Combine XR with Design Thinking and Organizational Change Management to create new, more valuable work processes and eliminate old ones - leading to a new way of working.


Embedding the new capabilities.


With proven successes in business areas, the focus moves to create a “new way of working” across the enterprise, and the organization is imbued with the ability to continue innovating - by deploying XR - on its own.

Our Team

Founded by accomplished professionals with decades of experience in technology, XR practices, Innovation, Organizational Change Management, and Design Thinking, XR Solutions provides independent guidance that transcends a single technology focusing on the long-term productivity and upskilling of industrial organizations.

Peter Orban

Peter’s multidisciplinary background combines decades of leadership experience in creative industries, innovation at large tech companies & early-stage startups, guiding research at a think-tank, and starting two companies.

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Paul Myott

Paul is a seasoned organizational effectiveness consultant with extensive experience partnering with business, IT, and HR leaders to design and deliver business value.

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A Partnership for the Human and Artificial Workforce, For a Better Enterprise.

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